What if I told you that your mind can determine your physical health?

Leone, Harvesting Health Founder &
Mind Medicine App Developer

Welcome & thanks for joining me here.

My name is Leone and I am YOUR wellness coach. I believe that Nature provides the best medicine, so started my journey with a Naturopathy Degree. I then completed an Honours in Herbal Medicine & Masters of Human Nutrition, BUT I still wasn’t satisfied that this was enough to facilitate a return to health for my clients. I have completed training in EFT & NLP and being the glutton I am, have now undertaken a Diploma of Counselling. As you can see, the Mind-Body connection has always fascinated me. This I refer to as The Better Medicine!

Enter Mind Medicine: your out-of-clinic Soul Elixir! Mind Medicine came about because I realised the importance of nourishing the mind to heal the body. Everyday I sit with clients who have experienced trauma or emotional pain that manifests as a physical complaint & I have come to realise that when the Spirit is broken, quite often the body literally ‘keeps the score’.

I can see you in clinic, but what happens after our consultation? Mind Medicine allows me to walk with you, to provide the out-of-clinic support for your Spirit & your Mind.

Mind Medicine provides Foods for Mood, Tips for Sleep, Meditation Tracks, Breathwork Videos, Soul Music, Downloadable Worksheets, Daily Affirmations, a Wellness Journal, Podcasts and so much more! Mind Medicine is available on Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

Of course, if you would like to visit our Wellness Centre in Oxenford and see me in person, or book an online consultation, I would love to meet you, hold space for you & help you create calm amongst the chaos. To book, simply follow this link:


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